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About Us

2008-01-22 11:04:06 by NSE989

wuts good this is native shook entertainment we just got up last year and this year in 08 were tryin to step it up and get some were. so listen to our shit leave comments and tell us wut you think. any you who wants to buy a beat hit us up on myspace, www.myspace.com/nativeshookentertainme nt all beats are only $20


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2008-01-23 00:57:09

i wudnt mind using the beats if they werent so expensive. man, on my mixtape i got beats from producers who sell from $5-$20, and they some of the top producers on rocbattle. these producers make music that can easily get radio play, and half hav had radio play before. jus lettin yall kno..

NSE989 responds:

ay that fine they can sell thers for $5-$20, mine are stright up $20 for exclusive's, and tagged are free to download


2008-01-30 18:22:48

i guess 20 exclusively isnt bad. i was thinkin that youse makin ya beats 20 dollar as a lease is way too much. but exclusive ya thats aiite.